UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"

UFC 261: Fight Motion
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3 African UFC Champions
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Tha Dude8536
Tha Dude8536 19 timmar sedan
She's great I love the karate hottie but the current champion completely beat her ass dominantly
what up
what up 19 timmar sedan
1:24 it's crazy how Rose Namajunas is now the woman's strawweight champion of the world. Good on her.
Bruce George Peter Lee.
Bruce George Peter Lee. 19 timmar sedan
In my top ten fighters
Flax Mand
Flax Mand 19 timmar sedan
THE AGING FIGHTER 19 timmar sedan
Next champ let’s go girl
Федор Беляев
Федор Беляев 19 timmar sedan
Beautiful girl.
realboyzian 19 timmar sedan
Loving the hairstyle. She looks great
Tuned Element
Tuned Element 19 timmar sedan
She's looking like Demi Lovato 🔥
ThatGuy6463 19 timmar sedan
Hate to be the guy but why is she getting a "rise of ____" video?? she got knocked out her last fight.
Shroom Grizzley
Shroom Grizzley 19 timmar sedan
6:45 the ref 😆
1.21 Gigawatts
1.21 Gigawatts 19 timmar sedan
Well I don't know about top of the division but she can be on top of me any day.
JoondaGoon 19 timmar sedan
I like dcs callout of jones specially when he says this my octagon im the man
Jalen Humphries
Jalen Humphries 19 timmar sedan
Smh these comments frying her lol
GIANCARLO PRADO 19 timmar sedan
M24 SLAYER 20 timmar sedan
WoW 😍
sammie hilton
sammie hilton 20 timmar sedan
Tito learned alot of things in this fight, class wasn't one of them
mystomachurts2005 20 timmar sedan
This shows how shady Dana white is.
Irshad Azeez
Irshad Azeez 20 timmar sedan
People try to throw shade at this man's legacy by implying he cheats and is ducking fighters. Just goes to show that even if you prove to people you are the best they've ever seen they can still manufacture reasons to refute it. They did the same with Mayweather. Because words and opinions cost nothing to create them. Meanwhile fighters like Khabib are out here creating feats of pure martial arts genius. This is a life lesson for everyone. Haters are gonna hate.
Suh Dude
Suh Dude 20 timmar sedan
The water bottle looks photoshopped for the video
Envixity 20 timmar sedan
3:20 bye bye nose
Ceasar Moreno
Ceasar Moreno 20 timmar sedan
Did he just say "let me head heel" that's sounds like a reason to pull you from this fight
12th Dimension
12th Dimension 20 timmar sedan
Fine piece of luxury
Manuel Trackner
Manuel Trackner 20 timmar sedan
Deus vult
Csquared 20 timmar sedan
0:00 He basically used the weight of his leg to leverage that punch. Very cool.
Marcus J
Marcus J 20 timmar sedan
women mma
Nezioo Araujoo
Nezioo Araujoo 20 timmar sedan
Shawty so bad
40 Tay
40 Tay 20 timmar sedan
Dan looked more comfortable against Dustin than he did against Michael
M S 20 timmar sedan
Another L or draw. Cowboy needs to leave already. Old man doesn’t have it in him to be champ.
Nahuel Bogado
Nahuel Bogado 20 timmar sedan
42:20 nombre de la musica??
Antonio Zamora
Antonio Zamora 20 timmar sedan
Qué grande es Tony Ferguson, estuvo con un brazo gravemente comprometido durante toda la pelea y aún así logro anular el jiujitsu de Oliveira. En 5 rounds, pasaba cualquier cosa.
Dim Man
Dim Man 20 timmar sedan
Jones ❤️💯
Fitness 20 timmar sedan
Connor mu mu mu mu mu lol 😂
Rendezvous Europe
Rendezvous Europe 20 timmar sedan
Angela Hill can’t hang on the ground. As long as Ribas gets it to the ground - she good.
Mr. knowsnogreed
Mr. knowsnogreed 20 timmar sedan
They need cops to escort Ion
MacHump AllDay
MacHump AllDay 20 timmar sedan
Imagine going home every night ,dropping pipe in that underground tunnel❗😋
Rya N
Rya N 20 timmar sedan
Cowboy better show up it sucks seeing him get broke in a fight
Clark Dark
Clark Dark 20 timmar sedan
Give this man a title shot already!
Jokerz Gallery
Jokerz Gallery 20 timmar sedan
The front kick is Vitor's kryptonite
The Bungles
The Bungles 20 timmar sedan
This is how men settle their shit. Women would have never had the fight just hated each other for the rest of their lives for a comment made in an elevator.
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson 20 timmar sedan
Diego who Sanchez?
Jackson Dunyon
Jackson Dunyon 20 timmar sedan
God cowboy plz win the world needs this
Ftown1415 20 timmar sedan
Tired of seeing Cowboy “the human punching bag” Cerrone…..shit is not entertaining, it’s sad!
Stephan Carrizales
Stephan Carrizales 20 timmar sedan
i will do anything for this woman
George Washington
George Washington 20 timmar sedan
*So now the ufc is like twitter and facebook?* *Is the ufc now, Woke?* *I will NEVER buy another ufc ppv!!* *This from a ufc fan since 1998* *Get woke, go broke.* 💯
cafeine 20 timmar sedan
Watch that........continues to punch the opponent to pulp
Angry Old Canadian
Angry Old Canadian 20 timmar sedan
steroid users should be removed from this list
MelvinLopez 20 timmar sedan
So cute
Achilles MMA
Achilles MMA 20 timmar sedan
Giga vs yair. Fight to make
Cho Jo
Cho Jo 20 timmar sedan
I really like Amanda Ribas. Her personality is like the female version of JDS.
Finnan Cahill
Finnan Cahill 20 timmar sedan
Bonnar is a weird guy
Zuko Here
Zuko Here 20 timmar sedan
TALK about delusional
sanjay kumar
sanjay kumar 20 timmar sedan
Real warrior she is the best
Thomas Wilburn
Thomas Wilburn 20 timmar sedan
"i feel great" = i am in so much fucking pain that is unbelievable.
Kyler Scott
Kyler Scott 20 timmar sedan
Wifey material right here
FaZe _DaNkZ
FaZe _DaNkZ 20 timmar sedan
Dem OK Boys ain't a fuckin joke
Raphael Paddee
Raphael Paddee 20 timmar sedan
Dana white the type of guy to say he had nothing to do with the wiedman fight
American Gangster
American Gangster 20 timmar sedan
She looks really good with that haircut.
Aleksandar Grum
Aleksandar Grum 20 timmar sedan
I'd like to see Rakic vs Jiri next.
Ratio'd 20 timmar sedan
Pieced up by conor... was a good fight though
Jayare 20 timmar sedan
Just came to let you guys know shes a mom...
Shane Pilgrim
Shane Pilgrim 20 timmar sedan
She’s on top of best ufc dancers whilst fighting technique 🤣
Byron Delong
Byron Delong 20 timmar sedan
Omg can you imagine if this was on VHS like tho old days and you had to fast forward to the good parts..... #Houstonsabigpussy
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 20 timmar sedan
You miss the perfect opportunity to begin this video with: "Jason House's House."
Wes Takahashi
Wes Takahashi 20 timmar sedan
Rose, zhang and johanna all beat her.
Alno Highking
Alno Highking 20 timmar sedan
Hungry Cowboy is a scary cowboy. Let's go.
Blue Oak
Blue Oak 20 timmar sedan
She's at the top in my book 😍
Moh Sinyo
Moh Sinyo 20 timmar sedan
Marcus Bryant
Marcus Bryant 20 timmar sedan
Run 4 miles ever 4 hours for 48 hours!!! Yea right😏
Theo Nexo -TheOriginalNexo
"So now we throwing spinning shit huh ?"
Cat Keys
Cat Keys 20 timmar sedan
Gets in the opponent's face for a nice little sneer, only to get smacked upside the head so badly she had to tap out to make it stop. Another one for the "When Cocky Fighters..." series.
George Washington
George Washington 20 timmar sedan
*So now the ufc is like twitter and facebook?* *Is the ufc now, Woke?* *I will NEVER buy another ufc ppv!* *This from a ufc fan since 1998!!* *Get woke, go broke.* 💯
Dustin Pacleb
Dustin Pacleb 20 timmar sedan
Conor Mcgregor, Dustin Poirier, and Max Holloway will always be linked together. Much like Matt Hughes, GSP, and BJ Penn.
davinci 20 timmar sedan
shani yan
shani yan 20 timmar sedan
So wonderful to see someone so talented and humbled at the same time. You are right man for representing our country 🇨🇿 ❤️
mike benoit
mike benoit 20 timmar sedan
Does anybody else fast forward past John Morgan... Or is it just me?
jems 20 timmar sedan
How long was Tony Ferguson champ for?
George Washington
George Washington 20 timmar sedan
So now the ufc is like twitter and facebook? Is the ufc now, *Woke?* I will *NEVER* buy another ufc ppv 💯 This from a ufc fan since 1998!!! *Get woke, go broke.*
john mint
john mint 20 timmar sedan
Mulan 💯
wellnative1 20 timmar sedan
I love her attitude, her ganas! She has a new fan!