Top Finishes: Cub Swanson 

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Watch some of Cub Swanson's top knockouts and submissions from his UFC career as well as some highlights from his WEC days. Swanson will make the walk for his 39th professional fight at UFC Vegas 25 on Saturday, May 1.
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30 apr 2021



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paul ivan christler torrigue
I wanna see him again against aldo
selosk.info/class/video/a26drH-kun2XzIU.html Dont miss the KO
Hideskinner Buck
Hideskinner Buck 2 dagar sedan
That dude is an NBF.
THE WALTHERETTA 2 dagar sedan
02:38, that fake was a work of magic.
THE WALTHERETTA 2 dagar sedan
01:22 Jesus, ref... Im pretty sure he was knocked out already! 😂😂
THE WALTHERETTA 2 dagar sedan
Trivia time: Who knows why UFC is able to post WEC fight videos?!
THE WALTHERETTA 2 dagar sedan
@Manny323 yes, bought out WEC. Was UFC's biggest competition and was home to amazing fighters like Faber, Cruz, Pettis, Cerone, and Jose Aldo. At the time, the UFC didn't even have a bantamweight division (or even a featherweight division) and basically absorbed WEC's btw/ftw divisions into the UFC with most of the same fighters while even adding greats from other weight classes. Then current btw/ftw champions (Dominick Cruz and Jose Aldo) were made inagural UFC champions. Crazy to believe that was over 10 years ago. Seems like just yesterday!
Manny323 2 dagar sedan
dana's known to absorb other fighting organizations and just bring them on like a partnership. He did it with Pride so i figure he's doing it with the rest.
Rob Diggs
Rob Diggs 2 dagar sedan
D V 2 dagar sedan
Good ol cubbybear
Skosh 3 dagar sedan
Cub Swanson, the featherweight Cowboy Cerrone.
parazjt 3 dagar sedan
3:14 he think roids are gonna help him
Kenzio Fishing Adventure
best fighter in the world
Jacob James
Jacob James 3 dagar sedan
Louverture desprit Nest Pas Une Fracture du Crane
That Charles Bronson look & power is really working for Cub.
Tashi Sangpo
Tashi Sangpo 4 dagar sedan
His submission was used against him in ortega fight
Manraj Pannu
Manraj Pannu 4 dagar sedan
Liver punches fucking hurt I can only imagine a full power winded up tkd kick.
No one
No one 4 dagar sedan
Herb “ if he dies he dies “ Dean
Josiah Crew
Josiah Crew 4 dagar sedan
He jus completely obliterates people’s faces
Butch Price
Butch Price 4 dagar sedan
Killer Cub....Beautiful Destruction.
Maurice Edwards
Maurice Edwards 4 dagar sedan
He looks like Tom hardy
Дьявол Сатана
- Финиш хим! 😈 🙏 ❤️
Jay Baker
Jay Baker 5 dagar sedan
Killer Cub Swanson! So talented! Throws meteors and fireballs! Punching guys heads nearly off their shoulders sending their bloody mouthpieces flying!
Cancun Freezer
Cancun Freezer 5 dagar sedan
Charles Olivera can’t take a punch
BLaize 5 dagar sedan
Cub never fails to entertain. I still think his fight vs Choi was the best 145 fight of all time.
ALL IN ONE HUB 5 dagar sedan
He even ko'ed chales Oliveira
Demon Yakku
Demon Yakku 5 dagar sedan
Most talented fighter that never have a belt
Naim GRIZZLY 5 dagar sedan
Now I want Cub Swanson VS Dustin Poirier I bet you these 2 can put the most amazing fight we've ever seen
BlueVader4323 5 dagar sedan
This guy always brings it, I don't know why he doesn't have the same recognition from fans as Ferguson for example (I'm not saying him and Tony are on same level, just that they're both exciting to watch)
Marl O
Marl O 5 dagar sedan
So we're just gonna ignore the poor refereeing?
Sawyer Rohrer
Sawyer Rohrer 5 dagar sedan
In that 2nd guillotine finish when he yells as hes choking the dude just gives me chills
James Brown
James Brown 5 dagar sedan
I love how at 3:37 he’s just like dude what the hell more do I have to do?!? 😂🤦🏼‍♂️
RK 5 dagar sedan
Cub is a champ 🏆
Dan O
Dan O 5 dagar sedan
Olievera looked like he gave up there. He has done that a few times. He has become such a great fighter but If Michael Chandler pressures him non stop he could break him
Brutalny Opiekun Rapu
Brutalny Opiekun Rapu 5 dagar sedan
KillerCub !
Tom O'Day
Tom O'Day 5 dagar sedan
Top 5 Fighter Great guy too 👍🏻
Umair Jan
Umair Jan 5 dagar sedan
He have long carrer
Matt Liston
Matt Liston 5 dagar sedan
Frozen Fox
Frozen Fox 5 dagar sedan
swanson is good fighter
Tina Minowski
Tina Minowski 5 dagar sedan
Overrated trash can journey man
UFC MMA SPORTS 5 dagar sedan
repost my channel 🔔
Laufen Saufen
Laufen Saufen 5 dagar sedan
Herb „late stoppage" Dean
scam proof
scam proof 5 dagar sedan
Gotta love Cub so humble in and out of the cage pulling for this soldier tonight #LetsGo
P Manny
P Manny 5 dagar sedan
That Siver finish was a thing of beauty
Sue Donnery
Sue Donnery 5 dagar sedan
what the fuck is that referee at 1:20 doing talking to a corpse in the middle of the fight? He should be busy stopping the other fighter, not trying to start a chat with a corpse.
Wandamian Crucifixplate
Cub "Jose Aldo" Swanson has dynamite in his hands yoo
Cupasmell33 5 dagar sedan
Cub’s a beast!
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu 5 dagar sedan
Copt Man
Copt Man 5 dagar sedan
3:30 this reference need to be fired!!!!
david r10
david r10 5 dagar sedan
Real warrior!! Great fighting style. 💯% OG
Jamie R
Jamie R 5 dagar sedan
1:28 WTF WAS THAT STOPPAGE? he was already out and received like 4 or 5 extra shots
Gvel3sa 5 dagar sedan
Giga is coming 🇬🇪💪🔥
Truth Talker
Truth Talker 5 dagar sedan
2:58 " oh Denis Siver is available "
Jorrit Hos
Jorrit Hos 5 dagar sedan
Him finishing Charly Olives like that...
Blood 5 dagar sedan
Ref: If he dies, he dies 1:19
Wil 5 dagar sedan
Can someone tell me what stopped Cub Swanson from becoming champion like did he really just choke in big fights or what cause he still won his last couple of fights.
mohammed shoeb
mohammed shoeb 5 dagar sedan
Mario ' Gateway to Martyrdom' Yamasaki
Clint Watson
Clint Watson 5 dagar sedan
Hell most of the referees of Cubs fights just let him plow them after they are out cold, my god
MMA STAR 5 dagar sedan
"Killer" Cub Swanson: selosk.info/class/video/eZmE2aiqnop9lqc.html
HARSH KUMAR 5 dagar sedan
Good fighter 🤜
johncasagranda 5 dagar sedan
4:36 - Cub Swanson's #BeautifulDestruction moment ;)
Akhilesh Singh
Akhilesh Singh 5 dagar sedan
@2:40 after watching it Chandler Via TKO #AndNew LWC
MMA STAR 5 dagar sedan
"Killer" Cub Swanson: selosk.info/class/video/eZmE2aiqnop9lqc.html
johncasagranda 5 dagar sedan
1:35 - Double KO, an opponent and a mouth guard ;)
Bernardo Javier Orduñez
Oliveira :0
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr 5 dagar sedan
OG 👊🏼🔥
Söz Doğanın
Söz Doğanın 5 dagar sedan
SASTORM 5 dagar sedan
where´s his fight with Aldo? I came for that one
Matt Smally
Matt Smally 5 dagar sedan
I love cub Swanson man one of my favs fr
Anggi Gabriel
Anggi Gabriel 5 dagar sedan
oliviera clown 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Ersin SARITEPE 5 dagar sedan
Asian Mcgregor :D
AMERICAN CHICANO 5 dagar sedan
I used to sparr cub all the time from 07 to 09 at the indio boxing gym
FL champ33
FL champ33 5 dagar sedan
Cub is a great human is a great person, fighting aside much respect
Turgon Dóiteán
Turgon Dóiteán 5 dagar sedan
1:18 "if he dies he dies"
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ريايات إسلام رافي
@Luca Peron Jesus is the servant of Creator Allah and his prophet he did not die he will be sent back to earth
Luca Peron
Luca Peron 5 dagar sedan
Jesus Christ is God
BPW_OFFICIAL 5 dagar sedan
Damn.. he's good.
Kekw 5 dagar sedan
1:33 the counter left hook exposed his chin kinda similar to the hook Masvidal tried to land on Usman before getting knocked out, if Conor McGregor studies this Dustin throws a lot of counter hooks he could get knocked out.
regular M
regular M 5 dagar sedan
1:19 u can see the mouth piece falling and he kept nailing him
Bad Mash
Bad Mash 5 dagar sedan
The real deal no doubt! He's got some vets under his belt
Andrew Pek
Andrew Pek 5 dagar sedan
It’s hard not to like Cub regardless if he wins or losses, he’s still the man. Gotta love killer cub 🐻
Jairus Peni
Jairus Peni 5 dagar sedan
Killer Cub, one of the most entertaining fight styles in all of combat sports 🙏
MMA STAR 5 dagar sedan
"Killer" Cub Swanson: selosk.info/class/video/eZmE2aiqnop9lqc.html
Andy Avila
Andy Avila 5 dagar sedan
Killer cub is a LEGEND
Jerome98 5 dagar sedan
Killa Cub 🔥🔥
MMA STAR 5 dagar sedan
"Killer" Cub Swanson: selosk.info/class/video/eZmE2aiqnop9lqc.html
Zero Accountability
Zero Accountability 5 dagar sedan
One of the greatest injustices of our time is Cub never getting a title shot.
MMA STAR 5 dagar sedan
"Killer" Cub Swanson: selosk.info/class/video/eZmE2aiqnop9lqc.html
Barry Thawn
Barry Thawn 5 dagar sedan
He doesn't deserve a title fight. He has NEVER deserved a title fight. He ALWAYS loses in the fights that would make him a contender. Cub has never had a title fight, because he doesn't deserve one.
Jay 5 dagar sedan
1:22 Big John lookin like yamasaki out here
baderx29 5 dagar sedan
Boxer 456
Boxer 456 5 dagar sedan
Wow Cub Swanson is still in the UFC. That guy is an a old G
Eddie Bravos
Eddie Bravos 5 dagar sedan
Jason Santos
Jason Santos 5 dagar sedan
Giga chickadze is a potent striker but Cubs grit will take him far let's go for so cal.
Shit Stain
Shit Stain 5 dagar sedan
2:00 that was the most ass referee stoppage I have ever seen.
Todd Bertram
Todd Bertram 5 dagar sedan
Cub has had an amazing career. A fighters fighter. Ya gotta love cubby
MMA STAR 5 dagar sedan
"Killer" Cub Swanson: selosk.info/class/video/eZmE2aiqnop9lqc.html
Jersain Vargas
Jersain Vargas 5 dagar sedan
That daniel pineda ko is so underrated
MMA STAR 5 dagar sedan
"Killer" Cub Swanson: selosk.info/class/video/eZmE2aiqnop9lqc.html
A N 5 dagar sedan
I knew O’Malley’s last knockout looked familiar. Reminded me of the last one.
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz 5 dagar sedan
How dare you not put the Korean Super Boy fight that was one of the greatest fights ever.
MMA STAR 5 dagar sedan
"Killer" Cub Swanson: selosk.info/class/video/eZmE2aiqnop9lqc.html
Simon Paolo Ararao
Simon Paolo Ararao 5 dagar sedan
It wasn't a finish though. Go watch the other video about cub's career, it's in there.
Guy Fox
Guy Fox 5 dagar sedan
I love this guy for some reason.
Jerry Beans Man
Jerry Beans Man 5 dagar sedan
Two terrible stoppages by Big John and Herb Dean 😂
Wicho Martínez
Wicho Martínez 5 dagar sedan
Love from the 760 Coachella Valley 🌴🌴🌴
Harry Sands
Harry Sands 5 dagar sedan
Why do the refs take so long to stop his finishes😂
Skate man
Skate man 5 dagar sedan
Was looking for this comment 3rd fight guy clearly taps and ref misses it
Sharky TruthBTold
Sharky TruthBTold 5 dagar sedan
Jeep Amir
Jeep Amir 5 dagar sedan
His fight with Doo Ho Choi is absolute classic
MMA STAR 5 dagar sedan
"Killer" Cub Swanson: selosk.info/class/video/eZmE2aiqnop9lqc.html
Brandon W.
Brandon W. 5 dagar sedan
Wow, didn't know Oliveira gave up against Swanson
jesiel 4 dagar sedan
@Mohammad Mahtab Uddin kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk chandler kill
Mohammad Mahtab Uddin
Mohammad Mahtab Uddin 5 dagar sedan
Imagine a blow from Chandler however this is 155 and Charles looks too good recently
Gimzo Guy
Gimzo Guy 5 dagar sedan
Diego Sanchez is the type of guy to get hypnotized while watching a show about hypnotism🤦‍♂️🤪
MMA STAR 5 dagar sedan
"Killer" Cub Swanson: selosk.info/class/video/eZmE2aiqnop9lqc.html
Jesse James
Jesse James 5 dagar sedan
Must be in the commentator contracts that each one say the winners name two times
TheAntManChannel 5 dagar sedan
What did Denis Siver ever do to Herb Dean?