UFC 262: Oliveira vs Chandler - The Finishers | Official Trailer 

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A new lightweight champion will be crowned at Toyota Center on May 15, as Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler do battle in the main event of UFC 262. Brazil’s Oliveira found his groove when returning to the lightweight division in 2017, and since then, he has gone 9-1, winning eight straight over the likes of Tony Ferguson, Kevin Lee and Jim Miller. Now he faces Chandler, who made an immediate impact in his UFC debut in January by knocking out Dan Hooker in less than three minutes. Plus, it’s a five-round welterweight battle when England’s Leon Edwards attempts to extend his nine fight unbeaten streak against returning star Nate Diaz, who is making his first start since 2019.
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25 apr 2021



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Neel J
Neel J 6 timmar sedan
This promo trailer is unreal
Shivneel Kumar
Shivneel Kumar 17 timmar sedan
Tony v Beneil is going to be fight of the night
_______R. E. D_______
_______R. E. D_______ 18 timmar sedan
NATEEE DIAZZZZZZZ!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
eric paola
eric paola Dag sedan
Man I was so hyped to see Nate Diaz love again :(
майор микдхад
There will be a new king in lightweight division after khabib's retirement ❤🤟
Schaars Van Vuur
🤬 WTF??? Chandler x Oliveira for the belt??? that fight don´t make sense, the fight for the LIGHTWEIGHT belt should be Dustin Poirier vs Justin Gaethje 💯
ZeroHBR 8 timmar sedan
Chandler and Oliveira are the only ones in the top 10 that haven't lost to Khabib or aren't coming from a loss.
jsjsjs djjes
jsjsjs djjes 18 timmar sedan
Dustin wants to fight against Conor.
Michael Groninga
Michael Groninga 20 timmar sedan
Nah oliverira vs dustin would be banger
Rakesh Irukula
Rakesh Irukula Dag sedan
tony 12 win streak didnt get a chance for title , chandler one win and got it . This is sad .
ZeroHBR 8 timmar sedan
Tony is coming from a 2 loss streak, one of them from Oliveira. It would make sense to make Tony Vs Oliveira for the title, but when they fought in December, Khabib wasn't officially retired.
jsjsjs djjes
jsjsjs djjes 18 timmar sedan
@Michael Groninga he had a great career in Bellator, former champ.
Michael Groninga
JP 30
JP 30 Dag sedan
Fuck the last 2 performances the return of El Cucuy is inbound
Jake harrison
Jake harrison 2 dagar sedan
Holy shit 27 finishes for Oliveria
CrankThief 2 dagar sedan
people can say what ever they want but diaz always bring good fight !
why you?
why you? 2 dagar sedan
Nate 😢
Cloud9FTW 2 dagar sedan
Nate diaz got me fucking hyped 🤑🤑
Oatmeal 2 dagar sedan
Why is it so difficult to find the date of these events!? The ufc needs to start putting the date of the event in the thumbnail.
Abraham Chavez
Abraham Chavez 6 timmar sedan
@Oatmeal Google bro
Oatmeal 7 timmar sedan
@ZeroHBR The point is that the date should be visible in the thumbnail and everywhere else but it is always difficult to find. You watch a whole promo and they never once show the date.
ZeroHBR 8 timmar sedan
It's in the description of the video
Michael Groninga
@Abraham Chavez simple go on google EVERY EVENT IS ON A SATURDAY
Yan Do Mar
Yan Do Mar 2 dagar sedan
Just Google it lol
Belfegorr Darkz
Belfegorr Darkz 2 dagar sedan
Charles will cook this guy!
Hugo Mr4
Hugo Mr4 3 dagar sedan
OLIVEIRA will get the gold!
Phucc Yew
Phucc Yew 3 dagar sedan
Nate Diaz the buster clown from stockton
Manime 3 dagar sedan
What is the song?
Kurt Yumul
Kurt Yumul 3 dagar sedan
Wow this trailer is impressive!
MMA Shorts
MMA Shorts 3 dagar sedan
The main card and prelims are worth the $60
Pascal the 8th
Pascal the 8th 3 dagar sedan
Fantastic ad. The UFC have promo and marketing nailed every time.
TheReal KB
TheReal KB 5 dagar sedan
No lie... I think the official promo for Adesanya vs Costa is still hands down the best hype promo I've seen to date
Miguelitoo 5 dagar sedan
Let’s go Diaz !
TimoPlays 5 dagar sedan
Hope Tony wins this one.
Manecio Putik
Manecio Putik 5 dagar sedan
Tony Ferguson, the type of guy to *announce his retirement in the middle of his fight*
TimoPlays 5 dagar sedan
That’s a weak one.
punkXsyko 5 dagar sedan
Edwards : Eye poke finisher
jamesrock27 5 dagar sedan
I really want to see Oliveira vs Poirier for the interim tittle then the Winner against Khabib for the main tittle. Mcgregor vs Chandler --> winner fights Justin Gaethje
Mr Den
Mr Den 6 dagar sedan
The co main event will be more interested
Tony Taf
Tony Taf 6 dagar sedan
Chandler : Surprise surprise there is a new king in the lightweight division 😂😂😂 made me feel uncomfortable... Charles gonna smoke him like a fuckin bong.
Ray 6 dagar sedan
Houston where you at? 👀
Servant Of God
Servant Of God 6 dagar sedan
Chandler totally doesn’t deserve a title shot, but it’s all good cause Oliveira will send him back to Bellator on a stretcher.
ZeroHBR 8 timmar sedan
Charles and Chandler are the only ones who haven't lost to Khabib or aren't coming from a loss
Abraham Chavez
Abraham Chavez 5 dagar sedan
Well who in the light wieght division does like dustin chose conor and justin is coming off a lost to khabib which was a title fight
Delson Moraes
Delson Moraes 6 dagar sedan
charles oliveira champion by submission in the first round
Delson Moraes
Delson Moraes 6 dagar sedan
charles oliveira the new champion, chandler does not deserve this title dispute
RENO CHAVES 6 dagar sedan
wow Nate Diaz part gave me goosebumps
Johnny Cena
Johnny Cena 6 dagar sedan
Nate diaz brain be like "ah shit here we go again"
Johnny Cena
Johnny Cena 6 dagar sedan
Imagine diaz gets knocked out shit would be crazy lol
Fran C.
Fran C. 6 dagar sedan
Tony Fergerson...The type of guy...to break his own Leg..so Chris Weidman doesn't go into surgery alone....LOL 😂😂😆
Jayanth Kumar
Jayanth Kumar 6 dagar sedan
I'm rooting for Chandler, but I have a feeling that Oliveira is going to win.
Lloyd PH
Lloyd PH 6 dagar sedan
is diaz a underdog
Omar miqdhad vlogs
Omar miqdhad vlogs 6 dagar sedan
🤩🤩🤪its olievera time
Thiago 6 dagar sedan
Oliveira on Chandler having never been finalized before: "he never fought me" LOL
Erick C.
Erick C. 6 dagar sedan
Dragomir Nedkov
Dragomir Nedkov 7 dagar sedan
What the hell, that’s last weekend will be nothing compared to this savage night.
Izzy 7 dagar sedan
Can’t wait for Oli vs Chandler 🔥
London2ATL 7 dagar sedan
If Nate wins, I hope Kamaru fights him instead of Colby, Colby has only fought once and just waiting for a crack at the king. He could have fought Leon but knows Leon could jeopardise his ranking.
Corporal Boby
Corporal Boby 7 dagar sedan
Name of the song in background please?
Happy Meal
Happy Meal 7 dagar sedan
that was a pretty god damn insane trailer
Qwrty Forse
Qwrty Forse 7 dagar sedan
Does anyone know the background song for this?
Humble Bundle
Humble Bundle 7 dagar sedan
Because of hese fighters Khabib retired, people who can stuff the takedown, sub him or take him down and dominate him standing up, the rest didnt want to take Khabib down and wanted to keep it standing and also could not sub Khabib even though Dustin came close.
Mary 7 dagar sedan
Ferguson and Edwards, a billion fight winning streak, no title shot. Chandler, 1 fight and then title. What a joke.
Mary 7 dagar sedan
The finishers? I suppose an eye poke counts...
Ꮺ ᴀᴙᴄᴏᴦᴇᴘᴢᴉᴀ
Oliveira 😎very easy
Erick C.
Erick C. 6 dagar sedan
Andrew Goldin
Andrew Goldin 7 dagar sedan
Diaz is gonna get totally worked by edwards
Prithak Gajurel
Prithak Gajurel 7 dagar sedan
Couldn't put a single frame of Chandler doing amazing things in Bellator?
god damit 2020
god damit 2020 7 dagar sedan
They cant because it belongs to other organisation 🙄
Clark Hellwig
Clark Hellwig 7 dagar sedan
Lookin forward to Nate returning 💯🔥🔥
MMA 7 dagar sedan
Can't wait for ufc 262
Brendan Nelson
Brendan Nelson 7 dagar sedan
"The finishers" Leon is a decisionator
Seth Genius
Seth Genius 7 dagar sedan
Tony Ferguson has 23 finishes and Dariush has 13. They could've at least mentioned those xD
alextheman1018 7 dagar sedan
They bout to make so much damn money from this PPV it’s not even funny
Shivneel Kumar
Shivneel Kumar 7 dagar sedan
Fuck Texas has wacky judges Jones vs Reyes was in Texas. 49-46 Jones was just stupidity
Poja Goson
Poja Goson 7 dagar sedan
Hideskinner Buck
Hideskinner Buck 7 dagar sedan
I've never ordered ppv but I'm getting this one.
Erick C.
Erick C. 6 dagar sedan
It’s a must. It’s so insanely stacked.
Farhan Siddiquey
Farhan Siddiquey 7 dagar sedan
I don't get it actually.Chandler is a good fighter and former champion in his previous promotion.But he just debuted a few months ago and UFC record is 1-0..How the fuck did he get the title shot?
Albufer Saludos
Albufer Saludos 8 dagar sedan
Chandler is going to win. Oliveira underestimate Chandler's skills and usually those people gets beaten.
Erick C.
Erick C. 8 dagar sedan
Everyone including you and chandler are underestimating Charles. He’s dangerous everywhere.
Erick C.
Erick C. 8 dagar sedan
It’s literally the opposite bro
Paul Kruz
Paul Kruz 8 dagar sedan
Oliveira will win easily
Erick C.
Erick C. 8 dagar sedan
Jose Rodrigues
Jose Rodrigues 8 dagar sedan
Tonyy is gona prove everybody wrong
Amine Elyd
Amine Elyd 8 dagar sedan
Charles and Nate and Tony for the win
Erick C.
Erick C. 8 dagar sedan
That’s the hope
Cinematic Heroes
Cinematic Heroes 8 dagar sedan
Deserves millionz of views.
sajan wahindekar
sajan wahindekar 8 dagar sedan
why chandler get title fight
Arazose - Fakten & Schockierendes
I love how Bruce Buffer screams "NATEE DIAAAAZ"
Kelvin 8 dagar sedan
Not a prediction but what I hoped for: Tony comes back with a sick finish. Diaz punishes a guy who loves to poke. Chandler knocking Olivera out.
Kelvin 7 dagar sedan
@Erick C. haha, let's see! Maybe he'd gain a new fan after that night.
Erick C.
Erick C. 8 dagar sedan
But I hope the top two happen!! 🙏🏻
Erick C.
Erick C. 8 dagar sedan
Charles will have to show you why he’s champion level status once again lol 🤷🏻‍♂️😂🇧🇷🥇💯🔥
Warden Wei
Warden Wei 8 dagar sedan
Ferguson beast💥💥
Erick C.
Erick C. 8 dagar sedan
Nuka Cola
Nuka Cola 8 dagar sedan
Khabib came off the Mountain as a young man. He then destroyed the ufc division and return to the Mountain as King. Fairy tail stuff right there!
Richard Reveles
Richard Reveles 8 dagar sedan
Tony wins 12 wins no title shot Chandler wins 1 title shot
Mohammed Junaid
Mohammed Junaid 8 dagar sedan
I want Brazilian Tony to Win this.
Erick C.
Erick C. 8 dagar sedan
He will. He’s the most dangerous man in the division right now
Malik Henriques
Malik Henriques 8 dagar sedan
I’m a fan of both Oliveira and Chandler and they’re definitely some of the best of the best in the world. However, idk if I like the fact that number 3 and number 4 ranked fighters are the ones fighting for the title.
Allan Hernandez
Allan Hernandez 8 dagar sedan
"Finishers" Puts Leon Scott Lmao.
MMA 8 dagar sedan
S B 8 dagar sedan
Marco Flores
Marco Flores 8 dagar sedan
Idk how many times I replayed plussssssssss Nate!!!!!!!!!! Diazzz!!!!!!!
Gabriel 8 dagar sedan
edwards has as many decision wins as he has finishes
WENTER - 8 dagar sedan
Can’t wait to see Chandler’s fight. I hope he’ll show to all this h8ters why he deserved this title fight
Hassan Haider
Hassan Haider 8 dagar sedan
So funny how they only have a few seconds of footage to use of Michael Chandler for the entire promotion
Albert AG
Albert AG 8 dagar sedan
1:12 goosebumps oh man
Juan Monegro
Juan Monegro 8 dagar sedan
When buffer Say " Nate Diaz " man What a emotion for this fight ...
nsalx 45
nsalx 45 8 dagar sedan
Cheering for Chandler on this one, McGregor is my favorite but Chandler is my 2nd favorite.
消費税撤廃0% 8 dagar sedan
Nick Diaz??
NITISH PANDEY 8 dagar sedan
Marco Flores
Marco Flores 8 dagar sedan
Plus..... omg that was amazing
Sercan Yildirim
Sercan Yildirim 8 dagar sedan
Man i Love how bruce buffer calls Nate Díaz
Vince Adams
Vince Adams 9 dagar sedan
I'm not underestimate Olieviera but I'm gonna said that Chandler gonna make Ufc fans shock.. But i hope Olieviera win.
Alexandre Raposo
Alexandre Raposo 9 dagar sedan
The amount of finishes Oliveira has at just 31 yo is ridiculous, Beneil and fucking Tony Ferguson put together have just 6 finishes more than him. Sure, most of them was against cans but still
Marlon Shaw
Marlon Shaw 9 dagar sedan
Edwards is going to smoke Nate Diaz
Dana Anderson
Dana Anderson 9 dagar sedan
"The Finishers" but Leon Edwards isn't a finisher lol
Arid Sohan
Arid Sohan 9 dagar sedan
Diaz and Conor were great fighters once.
Johnny A.
Johnny A. 9 dagar sedan
Oliveria will become the next lightweight champion.
Gabriel M.
Gabriel M. 9 dagar sedan
expecting only decisions from a card named "the finishers"
BLESSED ARTIST 9 dagar sedan
There's a guy out there... Who's making promo's better than the whole UFC team..... Get him dana.. Before any other organization dose..
R4ndomChan 9 dagar sedan
everyone already knows nates coming back, but when he walks into the shot and his name gets screamed... omg it's like a surprise announcement every time and its fucking fire
R3 Studio
R3 Studio 9 dagar sedan
Reon, he is very dangerous(for your eyes)
Joey Blood
Joey Blood 9 dagar sedan
Lets go Charles, Tony and Diaz!