UFC 262 Free Fight: Charles Oliveira vs Tony Ferguson 

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Charles Oliveira earned his UFC lightweight title shot against Michael Chandler at UFC 262 after a dominant victory over Tony Ferguson at UFC 256 in December last year. UFC 262 goes down in Houston on Saturday, May 15.
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30 apr 2021



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PANBOCIL TV 5 timmar sedan
Tony no good
육도윤회자 5 timmar sedan
은퇴해야겠다 퍼거슨도 이렇게 또 하나의 강자가 저무는구나ㅜㅜ
ivy pixley
ivy pixley 5 timmar sedan
Tony not the same fighter after Justin made his face look like roadkill
Azfar Khan
Azfar Khan 5 timmar sedan
And this guy thought he could beat khabib when he can't even handle oliveira's takedowns lmao😂😂😂
Леон Гарецкий
Тони уже не тот
Introverted Alchemist
Introverted Alchemist 5 timmar sedan
Olivera is the reason why Khabib retired
Romgarrot DreadLord
Romgarrot DreadLord 5 timmar sedan
Но Тони уважуха просто за то что он умудрился перетерпеть армбар. Я хрен знает у него локоть в другую мать его сторону развернулся, бицепс чуть не разорвался, а он как не в чем не бывало до третьего раунда дожил. Мужик. Вот это гибкость. Пересмотрел чисто из-за этого момента и красоты bjj которую Оливейра показал.
iluvmyboba 6 timmar sedan
Tony fighting his younger self. Oliveira is sheer quality. There's only one Tony Ferguson. I would've like to see them battle at the same age.
Mr.Deito 6 timmar sedan
Оливьера показал кукушке его уровень.
Ashraf Roney
Ashraf Roney 6 timmar sedan
tony is the type of guy who can poop without peeing
Владимир Рязанский
Тони вернётся!
Gabriel Vu Thanh
Gabriel Vu Thanh 7 timmar sedan
omg the end of the first rourd
Orxan Nesirov
Orxan Nesirov 7 timmar sedan
Тони уже не тот ! Жаль воина
Савр Шагатаев
Reese 7 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson looked thin and overtrained
Kito Glavic
Kito Glavic 7 timmar sedan
Wow Oliveira really outclassed Tony. I knew Charles was good but hell I didn't expect him to do this to Tony. I'd like to see Charles versus maybe Gaethje or Chandler. If he wins he should fight Khabib next since Khabib never fought someone with a high level ground game like Oliveira.
Pasulces 7 timmar sedan
what a fighter is oliveira. i would like to see a fight khabib vs oliveira but is too late after khabib retirement
Mausam Mgt
Mausam Mgt 8 timmar sedan
Sad to see the end of his prime time.
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm 8 timmar sedan
Tony is the type of guy to sleep with a ruler to measure his sleep
Игорь Олегович
Интересно,что пишут люди? Тони слил бой? Он вроде хороший боец,но в этом бою он вообще ничего не показал.
Дмитрий Шарненков
хабиб бы убил его в первом раунде
Lumina Lumina
Lumina Lumina 8 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson the type of guy who dies in a pillow fight.
ree B0und
ree B0und 8 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to make alt accounts to talk about how Tony Ferguson is the type of guy in the comments.
Dewo Kumoro Aji
Dewo Kumoro Aji 8 timmar sedan
Charles oliveira with blonde hair is a beast🔥🔥
simplepycodes 8 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who lose and get dominated just for fun.
John Haldane
John Haldane 8 timmar sedan
That's in DEEP.
William Maxwell Brooke
William Maxwell Brooke 8 timmar sedan
Y'all should give this a pause and go look for something to invest in.
Josephine Olivia Mason
Josephine Olivia Mason 5 timmar sedan
I've not stopped thanking my friend who introduced me to her
Lachman Heemskerk
Lachman Heemskerk 5 timmar sedan
I'm also a proud beneficiary of Patricia Hampton! I've built my portfolio massively and still building. Started with a youtube referral just like this and a few thousands. I'm way up in profit now.
Christianson Miguel
Christianson Miguel 5 timmar sedan
Really you know her?, I even thought I'm the only one she has helped walk through the fears and falls of Bitcoin trading
Willams Walter
Willams Walter 6 timmar sedan
Yes I can believe that, I'm a testimony. I was so sad after receiving the first pay knowing I invested so low with fear
Fabian Scott
Fabian Scott 6 timmar sedan
I used to loose a lot trading due to lack of experiences but that was until I met Patricia at a conference in Spain back in 2019, She helped me open up and manage multiple crypto trades which helped me recover all I lost in the market.
Shikhar Meh.
Shikhar Meh. 9 timmar sedan
"Rogan weirdly like to watch dis"😂 fucking weirdo
Fan Art Animation
Fan Art Animation 9 timmar sedan
Оливейра просто монстр! Слишком хорош для Тони.
lawrence bruan
lawrence bruan 9 timmar sedan
Enough of that Tony Bullshit, How about the fact that it's probably time for him to retire.
L M 9 timmar sedan
Tony the type of guy that exists so we can all make Tony the type of guy jokes.
High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter 9 timmar sedan
Tony. The kind of guy to loose a fight with a girl. Let's face it. Everyone else beats him. Let the girls train with this hasbeen.
jack sage
jack sage 9 timmar sedan
I don’t know what was more insane, Oliveiras smooth armbar or the fact tony didn’t tap to it
Febrianto Pratama
Febrianto Pratama 9 timmar sedan
I red the comments 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🎠
Adamovic Khalidi
Adamovic Khalidi 9 timmar sedan
Tony Feruguson is the type of guy to go to a feminist rally and come back with a sandwich and with his shirt ironed
Captain JackWater
Captain JackWater 9 timmar sedan
I am the type of guy that say shit and make sense to a lot of idiots keep saying the same shit
Дамир Илиев
Дамир Илиев 9 timmar sedan
TheFatStoner 9 timmar sedan
8:04 I used to have kids drag like I was nothing sophomore in wrestling. (I weighed 205 but had to wrestle heavyweight bc I couldn’t beat out 220 varsity and we didn’t have heavyweight so I was it) I got bigger tho so junior senior year it wasn’t as bad
sOrL 9 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson is a type of guy who will give me money..
Yusuf Zaza
Yusuf Zaza 9 timmar sedan
how can tony invite khabib fight ? againts oliveira his totally losse
Paul Davis
Paul Davis 9 timmar sedan
Just imagine what Khabib would do to Tony...
M Makda
M Makda 9 timmar sedan
Only aljo can take that up kick and win the fight.
Left Coast
Left Coast 9 timmar sedan
Tony is the type of guy to flush a fart
Ramiro Mata
Ramiro Mata 10 timmar sedan
Tony is pretty much finished too much damage n age finally catching up
Are Gaming
Are Gaming 10 timmar sedan
Hahahah ferguso stupid yeahhh, if you fight with khabib you like a chiken you now chiken
HarshJ_ohn 10 timmar sedan
We can see where is would have gone with the Khabib ground work on Tony. That armbar. Wow!!
Super Rocky
Super Rocky 10 timmar sedan
Tony vs Dan Hooker
schompification schompye
schompification schompye 10 timmar sedan
Tony "the type of hype" ferguson
Shaxzoda Shoisoqova
Shaxzoda Shoisoqova 10 timmar sedan
Фергюсон эл кукуй кукареку
313 South
313 South 10 timmar sedan
Tony is an old fart. It's time to retire.
Kangaroo Jack
Kangaroo Jack 10 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to get punch drunk just to drown his sorrows
buryitdeep 11 timmar sedan
Tony is the type of guy to put his arm in a lock and never tap
Guy Nitzan
Guy Nitzan 11 timmar sedan
6:45 The ref's scratching technique is sharp :D
Андрей Нагваль
Оливейра склонен к жопа нюханью... Это не совсем интересно... Но факт попеды конечно бесспорен. Думаю Реванш был бы правельным
Rendi Setiawan
Rendi Setiawan 12 timmar sedan
Sisombong kalah lagi gitu mau lawan kabip
BEAST 12 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to give his coaches advice in between the rounds.
Haaahaahaa Hahahaha
Haaahaahaa Hahahaha 12 timmar sedan
Welcome to hell Tiny Tony..🦋
Справедливый Хейтер
Тони "мешок" Фергюсон 😲😲😤😤😥😥😱😱
Jose Grau
Jose Grau 12 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson has clear signs of brain damage (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) after Gaethje. I feel sorry for him. He is not coming back.
Ozgyur 12 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to wear sunglasses while he sleeps.
Giwrgos kyriakidhs
Giwrgos kyriakidhs 12 timmar sedan
Tony go sleep man you are grandpa now go man sleep with your family
Mudjiono Jombang
Mudjiono Jombang 12 timmar sedan
After being badly beaten by Justin G n then by Charles O Tony Ferguson seemed like a broken winged bird that cannot easily fly.... 😂.
talk2swastik 13 timmar sedan
Oliviera sliding his arm to get out of Tony Ferguson;s arm lock is beautiful 2:00
Fetah Ftitahh
Fetah Ftitahh 13 timmar sedan
Will there be an audience in ufc 262
Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega 13 timmar sedan
Will no one comment on Charles Oliveira performance ?
Руслан Нагаев
Тони просто ноль
zinou allouche
zinou allouche 13 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson the type of guy that didn't tap even his arm go off his body
Valery Dengin
Valery Dengin 14 timmar sedan
Oliveira looks bigger, like he is from light heavyweight
P M Faqih Syafaat
P M Faqih Syafaat 14 timmar sedan
tony the character who loves so much but you can't control by stick ps5
Dillon Wolles
Dillon Wolles 14 timmar sedan
Need 4,5 rounds
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal 14 timmar sedan
The way Charles flows is beautiful to watch. His jiu jitsu is so good the way he caught Tony in that triangle in the 3rd was bad ass
Danny Bond
Danny Bond 15 timmar sedan
Tony is the typebof guy to wake up in an armbar😂
jurij zur
jurij zur 15 timmar sedan
Tony the type of guy to lose fights in order to get motivated
B G 15 timmar sedan
If that darce woulda hit...
J R 16 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to not tap
Zachary Ayling
Zachary Ayling 16 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson is the type to take advantage of someone's niceness and not tap when he should have. If Charles wanted to.. he coulda had his arm in 2 pieces dangling for the world to see.
kawan buruh butuh hiburan Bill
Tony sudah menjadi pecundang
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Alam Dwiprahara
Alam Dwiprahara 16 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who eat McDonald inside of burgerking store
BRNTVA 16 timmar sedan
Тони сдулся !
importon 17 timmar sedan
i never thought tony was that good. ever since lando
Antonio Zamora
Antonio Zamora 18 timmar sedan
Minuto 15:34, Ferguson casi logra hacer llave D' Arce Choke.
The Grinderman
The Grinderman 18 timmar sedan
Tony only took this fight because he wanted a really deep tissue massage in his left elbow. Now he's ready for a title shot.
nishant.top10 10
nishant.top10 10 18 timmar sedan
Chandler is next champ
Erick C.
Erick C. 16 timmar sedan
Sadok Jemli
Sadok Jemli 18 timmar sedan
Robert Carter
Robert Carter 18 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson the type of guy that shuts a revolving door slam shut.
Hassansin 18 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to call out a retired fighter
Это Жизнь
Это Жизнь 18 timmar sedan
Тони Стар
P Kenny
P Kenny 18 timmar sedan
after tonys mental breakdown he lost his edge probably cause meds idk he had some crazy fights and was always crazy so...
DANK AF 18 timmar sedan
khabib for sure would kill tony
José Enrique Lima Amador
Ferguson 🤡
World Eater
World Eater 18 timmar sedan
30-26. Damn dude.... I hope he has a come back. What a legend Tony truly is
SHIN INDO 19 timmar sedan
VERY NICE referee
Naima Bejaia
Naima Bejaia 19 timmar sedan
Toni finish and age
Mustafa Charary
Mustafa Charary 19 timmar sedan
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to sneak into Francis Ngannou's heavy bag to condition himself
Rando Mark
Rando Mark 19 timmar sedan
cant believe tony didnt tap on that arm bar, it was literally 0.002 sec away from breaking
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez 19 timmar sedan
3:03 when dc says “and then your looking to see who’ll fight for the title..go down to houston.” and a couple months later it’s happening next week 🤯🤯
Reactions 19 timmar sedan
Tony is the type of guy who gets in an arm bar to check his arms flexibility.
Irhu 138
Irhu 138 19 timmar sedan
Тони борцуха ноль
Shroom Grizzley
Shroom Grizzley 19 timmar sedan
6:45 the ref 😆