UFC Vegas 25: Post-fight Press Conference 

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Watch the UFC Vegas 25: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.
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1 maj 2021



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Kommentarer 100   
omgurheadsgone 3 timmar sedan
11:22 - when your mom tells you to smile for the school yearbook photo.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 3 timmar sedan
Such a good fight. Jiri lived up to everything I expected from a man who looks like baldr from gow
outofthepicture 9 timmar sedan
This man seems like he likes going through obstacles and overcoming them in hopes of improvement. It's nice. Cool to see that he learned from this fight!
Charles Sajda
Charles Sajda 10 timmar sedan
"Did that kick to the face hurt?" Good question man!
SebaCod Py
SebaCod Py 14 timmar sedan
I love this guy , he seems he only wants to smash skulls
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 3 timmar sedan
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 18 timmar sedan
One of the best fights I've seen this year
Emmanuel Nazginov
Emmanuel Nazginov 20 timmar sedan
Jiri is a true martial artist
grimyhellsoul Dag sedan
what happened to joe rogan
Theo Huioiesin
Theo Huioiesin Dag sedan
18:30 😂 the reporter getting the city name right and the butchering Jan “Blackowitch “😂😂😂
Nick Mildon
Nick Mildon Dag sedan
Jiri "Ragnar Lodbrok" Prochazka
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 18 timmar sedan
could have summed it all up, yet those damn vultures just sat there letting and watching the poor guy struggle!
JSU's n Bhdjnfj
JSU's n Bhdjnfj Dag sedan
Ads much?
M. Bison
M. Bison Dag sedan
Journos. Why would you ask such complicated questions in English to people who don't speak or understand so well?
Muddy Cups666
Muddy Cups666 Dag sedan
Why does jiri keep making a tweaked out face like he’s on coke it’s kind of reallllllly weird asf 11:24
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 dagar sedan
jiri speaking like a true viking, no nonsense straight facts
USMAN SAHAR 2 dagar sedan
Click bait
Hans 'Likes Beggar' Molenkamp
If someone is not fluent in english, reporters should make their questions more simple and easier to understand smh Daniel Cormier will make a better reporter than this guys.
DeAngelo Bruce
DeAngelo Bruce 2 dagar sedan
Y’all wrong for having Reyes in his Count Dracula outfit as clickbait!
Varinder Singh
Varinder Singh 2 dagar sedan
Hahaha jiri is awesome “ thats why i have this antenna” 😂🤣😂😂lmao
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 dagar sedan
Why so many dislikes 👎🤔
Shimka Smile
Shimka Smile 2 dagar sedan
Jiri Prochazka is good at striking but he will lose to world class wrestler, grappler and jiujitsu artist.
Wojciech Rudek
Wojciech Rudek 2 dagar sedan
kolim jone
kolim jone 2 dagar sedan
Sad that bisping didn’t give us the “BABY BOY” call after he kod dom that he did when he kod volkan
sholeroy 2 dagar sedan
14:43 🤔
Induna123 2 dagar sedan
The Jiri bandwagon is getting heavy
Kayla Marie
Kayla Marie 2 dagar sedan
24:38 I was legit yelling at the video “somebody PLEASE help this guy out and just say the word ‘prepare’!!! It’s so damn obvious that what he’s trying to say!” That one word could have summed it all up, yet those damn vultures just sat there letting and watching the poor guy struggle!
kolim jone
kolim jone 2 dagar sedan
Giggles adorably
M Ghafori
M Ghafori 2 dagar sedan
Reyes got destroyed
B T 2 dagar sedan
Someone was saying Reyes is in the Hospital??? I don't see any report on him on YT? Anyone know how Dominick is doing?
ISP 2 dagar sedan
15:55 press guy thinks the impact of finish is what defines highlight, but Jiri thinks that it's not just about how cool-looking it is, but about the whole process of the fight that leads to the last moment.
Daniel T
Daniel T 2 dagar sedan
nice clickbait thumbnail -.-
J Adkins
J Adkins 2 dagar sedan
Man, that dude is legit. Hopefully he shores up his defense so he can have a longer fighting career. Side note: Is that hair cut a subtle jab at all the people going bald?
Eric Williams
Eric Williams 2 dagar sedan
"2 fights now with the ufc without crowds" "Without what?" "Without crowds" "WTF is that?'
Eric Williams
Eric Williams 2 dagar sedan
Oohhh this Czech fighter has that Mike Tyson mentality of saving the fan's time and finishing things quick
Kyle Gill
Kyle Gill 3 dagar sedan
Why so many dislikes 👎🤔
VLAD RADU 3 dagar sedan
Jiri became a human being when he heard The Schmo ❤️
VLAD RADU 3 dagar sedan
Reporter : How did you like to fight in the US ? Jiri : There is very dry oxygen 😀
VLAD RADU 3 dagar sedan
Giga being an absolute GENTLEMAN with Cub there
Hatman Gaming
Hatman Gaming 3 dagar sedan
Reyes is not in this video guys
diogenesofSinope87 3 dagar sedan
I was sad for Dom but after listening to yeri it's hard not to like this man.
Philip Denys
Philip Denys 3 dagar sedan
Could change the channel while I was watching this🤣
notorious !
notorious ! 3 dagar sedan
New favorite fighter
Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael Jr
Jiri there now I said it too
Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael Jr
I'm guessing by the thumbnail the UFC thought for sure Dominick Reyes was going to win this fight 😂 kind of jumped the gun on that one didn't they
DAMNFUCKLAZY 3 dagar sedan
I was opening YT yesterday morning and i saw this ufc video with Reyes thumbnail. I went imediatly to some hack site to rewatch the fight and i was a little bummed out ,thinking that Reyes won. I am really greatful to ufc for doing this and not spoiling me. Wp. 😎
Iskompleksirani Lik
Iskompleksirani Lik 3 dagar sedan
Jiri vs Rakic would be a good fight
JS 3 dagar sedan
We got dominic reyes in the thumbnail but didn’t show up in the press conference
Dr. Guildo
Dr. Guildo 3 dagar sedan
All the respect on Usmans name just went to Jiri Prochazka...
Nhân Tiểu
Nhân Tiểu 3 dagar sedan
asd zxcz
asd zxcz 3 dagar sedan
Reyes on thumbnail, he was not in video...This should be thumbed down. UFC is like that annoying clickbaiting channel...
Daček 22
Daček 22 3 dagar sedan
Jiřino ty jsi náš král!!💪🏼💪🏼
Michael M
Michael M 3 dagar sedan
What the fuck are these questions.. what a terrible set of interviews
BHISHAM 26 3 dagar sedan
jones will demolish jiri
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu 3 dagar sedan
clarc noey
clarc noey 3 dagar sedan
I only clicked on this because I wanted to hear what Dominick Reyes had to say. How you gonna use an image of him for the thumbnail but not show his press slot?? Did he say something he shouldn’t have or what?!
Никита Некрасов
Jiri vs Santos would be great!
Jarred Ryle
Jarred Ryle 3 dagar sedan
Jiri 👏
Mag Pie
Mag Pie 3 dagar sedan
Most hilarious interview I have seen since Francis entered the UFC. Got to love this man. The language barrier, the honest answers and the frowning upon the stupid questions asked though that could have a lot to do with the language barrier but I choose to believe that it is a strong combination of both.
Mag Pie
Mag Pie 2 dagar sedan
@Martina Srna 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Martina Srna
Martina Srna 2 dagar sedan
It is combo:) like to ask a fighter with 80 inch reach if he takes advantage of it and uses it often? Jiri has a perfect answer for this pure dumbness: yes.😂
Аркадий Румянцев
CooXa Beatz
CooXa Beatz 3 dagar sedan
i wonder if its allowed to whip somone on the face with that hair ?
Аркадий Румянцев
Kris Bowman
Kris Bowman 3 dagar sedan
Jiri got knocked out from that upkick, he was out cold for about 5 hundredths of a second regained consciousness then started ground and pound on Reyes!
Аркадий Румянцев
Rubal Bakshi
Rubal Bakshi 3 dagar sedan
Sucks to see my man lose. But it was back & forth. Reyes hurt him badly a couple of times. It was Jiri's night, simple as that.
Ti Sa
Ti Sa 3 dagar sedan
"No humans" put your pride in ur ass, filthy journalist
V 3 dagar sedan
Terrible reporters asking the dumbest questions except for Schmo.
Guess Who
Guess Who 3 dagar sedan
Amazing performance to jiri, Reyes must be the unluckiest guy in UFC, fighting Champions and soon to be Champions. Guy needs a break and fight above 5 ranked to get his game on again. Still believe in you bro!!
Tony T
Tony T 3 dagar sedan
Jiri... the brother anyone would want in a foxhole with them.
Papabear Care
Papabear Care 3 dagar sedan
Jiri is funny!
Matt Ball
Matt Ball 3 dagar sedan
Jiri was just surprised about everything, including the dry oxygen.
d4 wtvr
d4 wtvr 3 dagar sedan
I'm loving that Jiri is giving simple Y/N answers to the trash questions.
J J 3 dagar sedan
Good win, great Prospect.. but this dude obviously has got a few screws lose. let's be honest here !!..
J 3 dagar sedan
invest your money.. 100k ain't shit. you'll be broke in months.wether you invest in yourself, building your own company or the stock market..invest and use it as a launch pad as if this was the last money you will ever have... otherwise 100k ain't shit . its just a few comfortable months vs setting yourself up for life. live like your still broke, study and make wise investments.
petipo 3 dagar sedan
You dont have to worry about Jiri. He's smart and have smart people around him.
Chip Plylar
Chip Plylar 3 dagar sedan
Jiri is exciting to watch..Still have mad respect for Reyes who brought it.
Finn 3 dagar sedan
Lmao with the Reyes thumbnail
tom bob
tom bob 3 dagar sedan
He must really b into vinkins with that hair do
Jay Velasquez
Jay Velasquez 3 dagar sedan
Jerry wants to slow down but can we slow him down I don't think so
Jay Velasquez
Jay Velasquez 3 dagar sedan
That first fighter is super respectful much respect
S. dot
S. dot 3 dagar sedan
Jiri is a true martial arts practitioner. It’s a pleasure listening to his thoughts. I’ll follow his journey closely.
MVProfits 3 dagar sedan
For someone who doesn't speak English well like Jiri, it's crazy how funny, real and insightful he comes across ha ha.
socialdef3 3 dagar sedan
I wonder if the questions can get any lamer? "Are you excited to fight in a filled stadium one day?" "Do you feel happy you won?" "How do you feel with no crowds?" Fucking ridiculous.
JOEY KOZMA 3 dagar sedan
Nice thumbnail too had Dom wasn't even in this clip.
Martina Srna
Martina Srna 2 dagar sedan
He was in the hospital.
Krs 3 dagar sedan
why is nobody talking about the head crash to floor, that was more brutal.
Rick Stevens
Rick Stevens 3 dagar sedan
Really a better way to promote fights and fighters , no trash talk just respect and the enjoyment of competition. Hope Dominic puts this behind him , such a great fighter his counter is excellent...
La Preuve en Video
La Preuve en Video 3 dagar sedan
Can you imagine this dude moving up to the HW division? Vs Jon Jones, Francis, Derick, Cyril? Damn the UFC future is getting better and better!
Jason Vang
Jason Vang 3 dagar sedan
Ryu in real life.
Jon Holmes
Jon Holmes 3 dagar sedan
The fat journalist who always gets the first questions gets on my nerves
John Galt
John Galt 3 dagar sedan
They should play Techno Viking when ever Jiri walks out 😉
Jasim Kalo
Jasim Kalo 3 dagar sedan
This guys is zapping his opponents engery and getting stronger ....probably carrying it over to his next fight....this is what taking souls looks like
Eli Jacobson
Eli Jacobson 3 dagar sedan
Let’s ask the guy who is doing his best to learn English a thousand questions.
I am Batman
I am Batman 3 dagar sedan
Adesanya will never come back to LHW now. LHW is no joke kids. :D
Skrailing 3 dagar sedan
Goofiest looking UFC fighter ever, outside of that one heavyweight that wore diapers. I hope someone grabs that handle and yanks on it real hard. At least it is not getting in his eyes all the time, like Benson Henderson.
Balkanlegija 3 dagar sedan
Last two Fight nights were crazy. Jiri is a Beast, but Reyes has a Heart of a Real Warrior.
Adam Crompton
Adam Crompton 3 dagar sedan
Legenday Czech Antena Vs Legendary Polish Power
The Little Beaver
The Little Beaver 3 dagar sedan
I love this guy...
Trever Schamber
Trever Schamber 3 dagar sedan
Dominick Reyes hit him alot hella hard and this guy walks out with one bump on his head and a little blood by his mouth!?! Wow insane. Him against Jan is going to be crazy. This guy is a problem
Girma Mogus
Girma Mogus 3 dagar sedan
He will be Chapman for many years to come!
Jim Morine
Jim Morine 3 dagar sedan
Jiri will not lose to anyone, ever.
Yasir Baig
Yasir Baig 3 dagar sedan
He looks so stressed at this pressed conference
Victor Es del turret
Victor Es del turret 3 dagar sedan
Why do you have Reyes in the thumbnail when he isn't in the video. Some clickbait bs everytime
Matteo 3 dagar sedan
Why does the thumbnail have Reyes?
T R 3 dagar sedan
Some of these questions from reporters... 🙄
dom mill
dom mill 3 dagar sedan
Jiri vs rakic next
B A 3 dagar sedan
Why the hell is Reyes on the video cover and thumbs for half the articles about the event in which he suffered a brutal KO?
Cliff Cardinal
Cliff Cardinal 3 dagar sedan
Dom Reyes, biggest claim is in losing! Nothing great about losing. Martial Arts is a lost art when Brutish strikes are common to Pit Fights which Dana Whites gloats about, an example is his undying love of the Diaz Brothers
MMA DfS 3 dagar sedan
Thanks giant Tony Ferguson