UFC Vegas 25: Weigh-in Faceoffs 

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Things got a little testy at the weigh-in faceoffs for UFC Vegas 25: Reyes vs Prochazka on Friday morning. Don't miss the action tomorrow night as the main card kicks off 10pm ET / 7pm PT.
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30 apr 2021



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JeGaRo13 12 timmar sedan
dana white looks like kingpin
Mr. knowsnogreed
Mr. knowsnogreed 22 timmar sedan
They need cops to escort Ion
LEBYT MC5 Dag sedan
DONT BAN ME 2 dagar sedan
Nap Sum
Nap Sum 3 dagar sedan
Marius Plama
Marius Plama 3 dagar sedan
Только найп
Quân Nguyễn
Quân Nguyễn 3 dagar sedan
vdn 3 dagar sedan
I remember Dana throwing Sean Shelby under the bus after the Jeremy Stephens pushing incident and then this happens to him lol. No one got injured here but my point is that you can't predict what these guys will do. There's a level of professionalism you have to expect from your fighters.
Artur Nzobia
Artur Nzobia 3 dagar sedan
Ion Cutelaba - "I can let you get close"
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool 3 dagar sedan
Ion does that every time and loses the fight. Love it.
Ex Army
Ex Army 3 dagar sedan
cutelaba was so cute lmao
hovertrout1 3 dagar sedan
d white size 9 shoe lol
hovertrout1 3 dagar sedan
How can any respect be shed on the UFC in regard to being clean when mr nervous hands d white is sauced to the gills pissin dirty for 5 years now, dweeb under that shell. Poor genetics so he took the easy way
hovertrout1 3 dagar sedan
teeny footed D White all juiced up, test him
Vasile Badura
Vasile Badura 3 dagar sedan
ion cutelaba is a guy full of shit , dreaming guy
34CarlosJavier 4 dagar sedan
HalleluYah Aleluya Aleluia. Hechos 2:21. Emeth. ⏳💓🥊🥋🥊. Esto es 📈
TheBardeng 4 dagar sedan
Cutelaba is soon out of the UFC, so weird guy. Happy that Magomed Akalaev beat him twice
mahdi safari
mahdi safari 4 dagar sedan
It wasn't exiting
Kidd Kahn
Kidd Kahn 4 dagar sedan
Ion always with the bs 🤣
Marcelo Zanuski
Marcelo Zanuski 4 dagar sedan
So many ladies fights. Fuck.
Sandy Kang
Sandy Kang 4 dagar sedan
Kb Bhullar?is he Indian descent?
Guy Williams
Guy Williams 4 dagar sedan
I love how Dana STARED at Reyes... maybe THAT'S why he got a TITLE SHOT with only 10 fights!?!?!?
Guy Williams
Guy Williams 4 dagar sedan
The sheep in their masks...
Guy Williams
Guy Williams 4 dagar sedan
What did Dana say?!?!?!
JT_ Hyperoptic
JT_ Hyperoptic 4 dagar sedan
These fighters are becoming like the world countries! We trade under a man made currency, I still wana destroy you thou 👀
ff# 4 dagar sedan
2:57 did he just attempt to kiss him
Eldin Kamberovic
Eldin Kamberovic 4 dagar sedan
Cutelaba is a fucking legend lmao
Andrei Andrei
Andrei Andrei 4 dagar sedan
Always good to see Ion Cutelaba
XaSaN KaRiMoV 4 dagar sedan
A P 4 dagar sedan
dana looks like rogan when he makes that face
Brohemian Clapsody
Brohemian Clapsody 4 dagar sedan
If anyone’s got elevated testosterone it’s definitely cutelaba
Aayush Kumar
Aayush Kumar 4 dagar sedan
0.20 Left guy is looking like girl with Mask 😂😂
Ninjawarzzz 4 dagar sedan
Dana is on the juice juice
Leonardo Calasans
Leonardo Calasans 4 dagar sedan
Cutelaba com falta de oxigênio no cérebro kkkkkkkk
Tavarua CloudBreak
Tavarua CloudBreak 4 dagar sedan
Congrats on your win Sean, definitely one of my favorite fighters to watch, you have hands like lightning, keep it up brother, wanna see you at the top, you deserve it bro.
Kev Sims
Kev Sims 4 dagar sedan
So stupid wearing the scam masks
Trick Nolte
Trick Nolte 4 dagar sedan
The guy who shook Dana's hand very hard and grabbed his opponent by the neck has some serious Testosterone problems?
Wimpy Samurai
Wimpy Samurai 4 dagar sedan
Cutelaba gonna get slept
Neon 4 dagar sedan
nice faceoffs! 😡
Jeff T
Jeff T 4 dagar sedan
Dana on that juice juice. 24 inch pythons brother
Jeff T
Jeff T 4 dagar sedan
Cutelaba on the coke this time lol...his nerves already on him. Intimidation doesn't always work and you'd think he'd realize this by now, after getting slept by that russian dude.
Jorge Molina
Jorge Molina 4 dagar sedan
hahaa cutelaba handshaking dana like two old buddies then going berserk on his oponent always cracks me up
MintSpice 12
MintSpice 12 4 dagar sedan
Jiri straight up just Goro
a publick Domain
a publick Domain 4 dagar sedan
It's fight day. I want to see fireworks from Cutelaba and Jacoby!
Rako Ahmed
Rako Ahmed 4 dagar sedan
UFC = great
joshua hymer
joshua hymer 4 dagar sedan
Cutelaba already goofed his way in to a loss. He doesn’t learn very well does he
Bad Vapo
Bad Vapo 4 dagar sedan
Grana white ta gigante ein
SHAKIR 4 dagar sedan
Dominik"i'm a different typa athlete"Reyes
MaZen Rizvi
MaZen Rizvi 4 dagar sedan
Cute laba aint no cute boi
How Long Before YouTube Blocks Me Again
Cutelaba is a joke. The UFC should give half his purse to Jacoby for pulling that pu$$y act.
Ace Eca
Ace Eca 5 dagar sedan
Kukelaba. Lol
Seeing Clearly
Seeing Clearly 5 dagar sedan
As soon as he did that bullshit ass hand shake with the shoulder tap, I knew he was the guy to try to pull some dumb shit.
Sandeep Sanghera
Sandeep Sanghera 5 dagar sedan
The guys that don't wear masks get my respect.
Sandeep Sanghera
Sandeep Sanghera 5 dagar sedan
Hahaha I love how Dana has never once wore a mask. Call him any word in the dictionary but "sheep." He's definitely not that. Dude has my respect.
Banana Dude
Banana Dude 5 dagar sedan
What a meat head this dope is!!!
MrDubg15 5 dagar sedan
Dana is 100% on roids
Sam bax
Sam bax 5 dagar sedan
Pushing match was set up, its a show all about the money
Ale Cargnin
Ale Cargnin 5 dagar sedan
We all know what happened last time cutelaba tryed to be the macho man. Can't wait to see happen again
eblindudaniel 5 dagar sedan
Ion Cutelaba is out of sync with the previous calm face offs :)
sbscreen 5 dagar sedan
Isma 5 dagar sedan
Cutelaba so forced beef. Stoopid action
Kamilx Novák
Kamilx Novák 5 dagar sedan
Jiří Procházka WAW
Steve Keating
Steve Keating 5 dagar sedan
Jacoby Vs. Cutelaba will either be Fight Of The Night + K.O bonus or the most boring fight of the card.
Jemand9 5 dagar sedan
I respect jonathan pearce for looking completely uninterested and annoyed.
Менеджер Reef
Менеджер Reef 5 dagar sedan
Чому Дана Бiлий не у масцi?? Мене це дуже бiсить! Чому йому можна, а менi вчителька забороняе??
Артур Мазнюк
Когда бой?
Patriot78 5 dagar sedan
Ion is a true warrior.
Alan Kalashov
Alan Kalashov 5 dagar sedan
Ион куtелаба клоун
James McAffie
James McAffie 5 dagar sedan
Jakoby, I hope you destroy that dude!!!!! Bad sportsmanship, not cool.
Zuma Monteon
Zuma Monteon 5 dagar sedan
Ion was trying to kiss that foo
Astro XIX
Astro XIX 5 dagar sedan
💀🤣 that was hilarious
Ado Brka
Ado Brka 5 dagar sedan
Cutelaba is psiho
a 5 dagar sedan
Nikki Vens
Nikki Vens 5 dagar sedan
Dana did a good job with the lip fillers I see. Must've been an expensive surgeon.
Sheikh Nouman
Sheikh Nouman 5 dagar sedan
2:57, Me explaining things to my younger brother.
Marco Pina
Marco Pina 5 dagar sedan
Omg uncle Dana on roids again i cant
LDizzle 5 dagar sedan
Can’t wait to see Ion Cutelaba get KO’d!
F A 5 dagar sedan
🇨🇿 česka síla!! Czech power in the world lets go BJP
Igornopolis 5 dagar sedan
Thought Dominic looked a bit taller here and had to rewind to see he had slippers, Jiri barefoot. Its about that reach anyways though... Gonna be a badass fight. Cant wait!
365Videoman 5 dagar sedan
Cuteleba ..has very limited tools ..he knows that... He tries to stay in UFC with all these manipulated fake face off gimmicks..!
Mark IV
Mark IV 5 dagar sedan
UFC has come so down that they PROMOTE this kind of crap behaviour. They remove sensible messages from SElosk section but people who praise this idiot gets to keep going.
classikdurapfrancais 5 dagar sedan
Let's go Loma, I love this Thai chick ! 😁
Justin Ortiz
Justin Ortiz 5 dagar sedan
Dana White looking at Reyes thinking Man im sorry bout this but your FUCKED man..😂😂
abschaum 5 dagar sedan
lets go cub swanson!
Niglet Jigaboo
Niglet Jigaboo 5 dagar sedan
There’s always one arsehole who has to act tough at these weigh ins. The prick should be grateful his opponent has agreed to fight him so he can earn some money.
Maichainhang 5 dagar sedan
Too ready for this card!
Aasif 23110
Aasif 23110 5 dagar sedan
Dana "had a good last night" white
Abdul Don
Abdul Don 5 dagar sedan
The next Thanos should be played by Dana
Michael Utke
Michael Utke 5 dagar sedan
The Anti chael. I can't let you get away 🤣
fermin ordoñez
fermin ordoñez 5 dagar sedan
Ion Cutelaba is really good actor, maybe more than Alijo, the guy acting even if it costs him the fight.
Asyraf Shaharudin
Asyraf Shaharudin 5 dagar sedan
I hope cutelaba got knockthe fuckout again
LEE BRANDON 5 dagar sedan
cutelaba is a wild man. he's hilarious what he does. he grabs the back of his kneck and pulls him into him. i love it.
Андрија Гачић
Lets go preacher Reyes
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 5 dagar sedan
Hi cary thank you. Iam also a big ufc fan. my favorit ufc fighters are Nick Diaz, Jack Paul and GSP. I look at clips with GSP on SElosk cause I never saw him fight cause iam new ufc fan.
Robert Lutz
Robert Lutz 5 dagar sedan
Cutelaba is a fucking mad man... I love it
Dare 5 dagar sedan
2:55 if you only came here for the thumbnail
jettrink13 5 dagar sedan
golden snitch that is a clue to test that boy, that is PED behavior
A.T. SickZ
A.T. SickZ 5 dagar sedan
Dude to the right looks like Dominik Sky in the thumbnail
Nathan Reid
Nathan Reid 5 dagar sedan
That was Dana’s fault lol
lasthumankind 5 dagar sedan
That guy that grabbed the other dude better win or he won't compete in ufc again 😂